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6 Reasons to buy a home in Indianapolis

Despite being nicknames the “Crossroads of America,” Indianapolis is actually a great place to put down roots. As the 34th largest city in the country, Indianapolis offers big-city attractions on a family-sized budget. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing property in Indianapolis, these are six of the top reasons to stop thinking and starting doing.

Reason 1: The job market

Unless you’re independently wealthy, it’s usually a good idea to secure a job before moving to a new location. Fortunately for you, Indianapolis is one of the best cities in the country to find job—CareerBliss lists it as number 9, Glassdoor puts it in 19th place, and Forbes puts it at number 21. As a matter of fact, the Indianapolis job marketplace is so strong that some business journalists have started calling it the “Silicon Valley of the Midwest.” In addition to its proliferation of tech jobs, Indianapolis is also home to Eli-Lilly, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country.

Reason 2: The cost of living

People may come to Indianapolis for the job market, but they stay for the cost of living. In Indianapolis, the cost of living is a whopping 12% lower than the national average. That figure includes, utilities at 9% percent less, groceries at 6% percent less, and healthcare at 1% less. The cost of housing in Indianapolis is also lower than the national average. Nationwide, single-family homes cost somewhere close to $188,900. In contrast, housing prices in Indianapolis hover close to $119,900. All of these low prices mean one thing—you’ll have more money for the rest of the activities on this list.

Reason 3: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis’ claim to fame is the Indy 500. Every Memorial Day, more than 250,000 people flock to Speedway, Indiana and fill the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Billed as The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500 is part of the Triple Crown of Motorsports. If you’re a true fan of racing, you can also learn about the history of the Indy 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. This interactive, educational facility is widely regarded as one of the most visible automobile museums in the world. Its collection includes race cars from IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula One, and more. If you end up purchasing property in Indianapolis, you will be able to attend this massive competition each and every year.

Reason 4: The Colts

The Indy 500 is a big name, but if you ask around, you’ll learn that most locals aren’t actually fans of racing. Football, however, is a different story. The Colts have been members of the NFL since its inception, but they moved to Indianapolis back in 1984. Since then, they made the playoffs 16 times and won two conference championships. They even won the Super Bowl in 2007. Their fanbase is so loyal that the whole city turns Indianapolis into a ghost town during home games. After their Super Bowl victory, the Colts moved into the newly constructed Lucas Oil Stadium, near Downtown Indianapolis.

Reason 5: Really good marching bands

During the off-season, Lucas Oil Stadium plays host to the largest marching band competition in the entire world. If you’re a fan of DCI, you already know what I’m talking about. If you’re unfamiliar, get ready to for a crash course. DCI or Drum Corps International is a global organization responsible for organizing a series of professional marching band competitions. Every August, drum corps from around the world gather in Indianapolis to compete for the title of DCI World Champion. Indianapolis is also home to Carmel High School, a public school with one of the best marching bands in the entire country. As a matter of fact, the Carmel High School Marching Greyhounds have won the Bands of America grand championships more than 20 times.

Reason 6: It’s family-friendly

Last, but not least, Indianapolis is also a great place to raise a family. If you need proof, just look at reasons one, two, and five. Here’s a quick recap: Indie has a robust job market, a low cost of living, and successful public schools. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is also the largest museum of its kind in the whole country. Its sprawling campus features exhibits on dinosaurs, dance, pop culture, outer space, and more. The only downside to Indianapolis is a turbulent public school system. IPS is currently undergoing a reorganization that has resulted in the closure of three schools. On the other hand, rated 17 schools with a seven or higher on a scale of one to ten. Furthermore, the teacher-student ratio is 17:1, which is right on par with the national average.

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Contributing Author: Abigail Golder

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